FJF’s roots are in creating visual content for the music industry. We’ve produced an array of music videos, documentaries and concert visuals for amazing artists such as Four Tet, The Howling, MC Dynamite, Neneh Cherry and Orfan.


Neneh Cherry & The Thing_Accordion by Ted Beagles

An effing cold night in a UV light riddled garden. In the pitch black with hot stew to keep us warm we had only the monitors to rely on. Only a camera died - hit head on with a laser.
Directed & Edited by Ted @ FJF
Shot by Vague Various
Make UP: Ian Jefferies
Record Label: Small Town Super Sound Records
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Negarin SS14 by Ted Beagles

A unique, senses grabbing overview of the Negarin Spring/Summer 2014 range.
Premiering at London Fashion Week
Directed/Shot by Ted@FJF
Edited by Skalliwagz


Neneh Cherry & The Thing - "Dream Baby Dream" Four Tet Remix by Ted Beagles

Lots and lots of laccy bands in a teeny tiny room hitting bits of glockenspiel in time. Surprising how tricky it is!!
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Directed/Edited by Ted@FJF
Other Post by Sam @The Whealhouse


Jessie Ware 'Running' and 'Wildest Moments' by Ted Beagles

Highlights of Jessie Ware performing an acoustic gig on the top floor of the Gherkin. #TheEverydayActive
Agency: A Little Bird
Client: Zico
Directed by Ted @ FJF
DOP: Liam Iandoli
Camera Operators: Ked Wasley , Sam Mitchell & George Zádor
Edited by Thomas Goldser & Ed Harber


‘Inertia’ by Orfan - Inspired by the sentiments of Werner Herzog by Ted Beagles

Armed with only a harmonium, Orfan performs 'Inertia' in places where he shouldn't be. Security descends.............
Director : Ted Beagles
Director of Photography : Jack Harrison
Editor: Ted Beagles
Production Manager : Richard Oxford
2nd Camera Operator: Edward Day
Vox Pops: Tom Pepper
Sound Design: Tristan Hackney
Production company : Forward James Filmmakers
Male Grooming/Make Up: Vickie Ellis
Make Up/Male Grooming Assistant: Demi Amat


'Return' - Orfan Music Video by Ted Beagles

‘Return’ by Orfan - A music video inspired by the sentiments of Charles Bukowski

"It's possible to love a human being if you don't know them too well." Charles Bukowski
Not your average video for a romantic pop song. 'Return' focuses on the honest experiences of the patrons of many of the Los Angeles dive bars.
Directed and Produced by Ted Beagles
Cinematography -Tim Obeck
Operator - Jimmy Hammond
Production Assistant - Frank Pfeifer
Editor - Ted Beagles
Sound Mix - Tristan Hackney
Big thanks to the bars:
Ye Rustic Inn - Los Feliz L.A
Dave’s - Glendale - L.A
The Capri -Glendale - L.A
Up t’ Hill - La Crescenta L.A
The Drawing Room - Los Feliz L.A
And The (sadly no longer) Big Fish - Glendale - L.A
Big thank you for the stories:
Ian Mallitz
Jonathan London
Joe Nunez
Mustang Sally
Billy & Bill Varela